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BayesiaLab Elastic Licensing provides several plans that give you access to BayesiaLab Professional Edition.

It offers the ultimate flexibility in software licensing and allows you to scale up or scale down your BayesiaLab usage as required by projects. Whether it's one analyst working for 50 hours or five analysts working for ten hours each, the actual BayesiaLab usage charges would be the same.

Furthermore, there are no geographic restrictions in license usage, so anyone in your organization, anywhere in the world can have on-demand access to BayesiaLab.

Several packages are available, offering a decreasing hourly rate according to the number of prepaid hours. Depending on the package chosen, the prepaid hours are valid for one month or for one year. The starting date is the date of purchase.

The Elastic Licensing requires a steady Internet connection with the Bayesia License Server (bls.bayesia.com) for the duration of your session. The connection between BayesiaLab and Bayesia License Server is done with sockets via Port 2424. Before subscribing to this offer, we advise checking with your IT department that such connection is not forbidden by your firewall.

A "Borrow Token" function allows temporary offline use, e.g. while traveling.

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