BayesiaLab is a powerful desktop application (Windows/Mac/Unix) for knowledge management, data mining, analytics, predictive modeling and simulation — all based on the paradigm of Bayesian networks. Bayesian networks have become a very powerful tool for deep understanding of very complex, high-dimensional problem domains, ranging from bioinformatics to marketing science.

BayesiaLab is the world’s only comprehensive software package for generating, manipulating and analyzing Bayesian networks. Analysts and researchers around the world, including Bayesia’s strategic partner P&G, have embraced BayesiaLab to gain unprecedented insights into problems which had previously not been tractable with traditional analysis methods.

BayesiaLab is the result of nearly twenty years of development by a team of researchers, led by Dr. Lionel Jouffe and Dr. Paul Munteanu, who are widely recognized as world leaders in their field of study. While cutting-edge research tools are often of no practical use outside the laboratory, BayesiaLab is a major exception. Its performance is like a Formula One race car; its everyday practicality resembles an SUV. As such, BayesiaLab provides an extremely user-friendly interface that allows novices and experts alike to easily and quickly navigate all the functions available in the program. Intuitive menu structures and step-by-step wizards allow end-users to focus on their principal analysis task without having to worry about idiosyncratic syntax or arcane commands.

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