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BayesiaLab is a powerful desktop application (Windows/Mac/Unix) for knowledge management, data mining, analytics, predictive modeling and simulation — all based on the paradigm of Bayesian networks. Bayesian networks have become a very powerful tool for deep understanding of very complex, high-dimensional problem domains, ranging from bioinformatics to marketing science.

BayesiaLab is the world’s only comprehensive software package for generating, manipulating and analyzing Bayesian networks. Analysts and researchers around the world, including Bayesia’s strategic partner P&G, have embraced BayesiaLab to gain unprecedented insights into problems which had previously not been tractable with traditional analysis methods.

BayesiaLab is the result of nearly twenty years of development by a team of researchers, led by Dr. Lionel Jouffe and Dr. Paul Munteanu, who are widely recognized as world leaders in their field of study. While cutting-edge research tools are often of no practical use outside the laboratory, BayesiaLab is a major exception. Its performance is like a Formula One race car; its everyday practicality resembles an SUV. As such, BayesiaLab provides an extremely user-friendly interface that allows novices and experts alike to easily and quickly navigate all the functions available in the program. Intuitive menu structures and step-by-step wizards allow end-users to focus on their principal analysis task without having to worry about idiosyncratic syntax or arcane commands.

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  • Professional Edition

    The BayesiaLab Professional Edition is the most comprehensive version of BayesiaLab. In addition to the features found in the Standard Edition, the Professional Edition includes a wide range of machine learning tools for knowledge discovery. As such it is geared towards research and analytics applications.

  • Standard Edition

    The Standard Edition was developed primarily for expert knowledge modeling, i.e. building Bayesian networks manually. As such, the Standard Edition only has a small subset of the machine learning and analytical capabilities of the Professional Edition.

    Please see the detailed BayesiaLab Edition — Feature Comparison for more details.

  • Analyst Edition

    The BayesiaLab Analyst Edition is a “player” version of the Professional Edition. It provides read-only access to previously generated XBL files while providing the full range of analysis, inference and simulation tools.

    This is ideally suited for researchers who wish to share their models with a broader audience, while preventing any modifications to the original model.

  • Academic Edition
    The BayesiaLab Academic Edition is only available to accredited academic institutions. It is identical in functionality to the BayesiaLab Professional Edition, however, the academic license agreement prohibits any commercial use of the software. The license does allow the use of the software by students and faculty for educational purposes and for conducting academic research under the following conditions:
    1. The research conducted with the BayesiaLab Academic Edition is not primarily intended for the benefit of a third party (e.g. as part of a research contract).
    2. The research results (e.g. journal articles, manuscripts, theses) are made available to anyone upon request.
    3. The research results are furnished for no more than the cost of reproduction and shipping.
  • Education Package

    The BayesiaLab Education Package includes one single-user/single-machine license (SUSM) for teacher use (equivalent to the BayesiaLab Professional Edition), plus floating Licenses (tokens) for student use. The floating Student Licenses provide access to a special version of the BayesiaLab Academic Edition that is restricted to a maximum of 50 nodes/variables and 1,000 records.

    The maximum number of students who can simultaneously use BayesiaLab is determined by the number of Tokens. The instructor can add, delete, and modify student users via a management panel on the Bayesia License Server.

    License Rental includes all fees for technical support and software maintenance, so one payment takes care of everything for the rental period.

    This SUSM License Rental is tied to one unique user and can only be installed on a single computer. It cannot be transferred, shared or made available via application servers.

    One token will permit unlimited installations within your organization, but only allow one student at a time to access the license and run BayesiaLab. More specifically, whenever a student launches the software, BayesiaLab automatically connects to the Bayesia License Server (BLS) to check whether a token is available. If available, BayesiaLab will start immediately. If not, the student has to wait until someone else's token is released.