BayesiaLab WebSimulator

The BayesiaLab WebSimulator is a web-based application, hosted on Bayesia's servers in France, which allows you to share interactive models with your audience without having to install BayesiaLab on their computer. 

The BayesiaLab Simulator uses your .xbl file to create a web page that is specific to your network. You can designate which nodes are accessible as Input Nodes and Output Nodes. Once the network is published, the BayesiaLab Simulator utilizes the Bayesia Engine API to perform inference in your network. This allows anyone to enter observations/evidence for the nodes in your network via the web. The BayesiaLab Simulator's web interface is responsive, thus allowing even tablet or smartphone users to work dynamically with your published network. Whenever evidence is set, the user will immediately see updated probability distributions of the Output Nodes.

There are two kinds of simulators: the public simulators that are accessible to anybody, and the private simulators for which the access is restricted to the users that have the identifier of the model and its password.

Five public simulators are automatically included with your BayesiaLab license.

The private ones are available via different packages (5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 models/instances). 

A model can only have one instance on the server, i.e. one concurrent access to the Bayesia Engine for inference. In order to add concurrent accesses, you need to add models.

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