Advanced Course — 60-Day Self-Study Edition


  • As an alternative to participating live in the Advanced BayesiaLab Course, you can study the same materials at your own pace by subscribing to the 60-Day Self-Study Edition.
  • Upon validation of your order, you have access to the entire course content for 60 days.

Features & Content

  • An approx. 20-hour live audio & video recording of a recent Advanced BayesiaLab Course, including:
    • Instructor's lessons
    • Group discussions
    • Q&A
    • Software demos
  • Presentations slides 
  • Exercises
  • Example files
  • If you do not have a BayesiaLab license yet, a BayesiaLab training license, which is valid for the duration of the Self-Study Edition, i.e., 60 days (the number of variables/nodes is limited to 50, and the maximum size of a data set for learning is 1,000 rows/records)

  • The example files and models you create during the course will remain available to you after the end of the 60-day course period.
  • All other materials will no longer be available after the end of the 60-day course period.
  • Given the format of this course, there is no mechanism to submit questions to the instructor or participate in the Q&A.
  • Furthermore, there is no one-on-one coaching for the exercises. 

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