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Elastic License Account (BELLA)

This package is for setting up your BayesiaLab Elastic License Account (BELLA). It comes with 6 hours of prepaid BayesiaLab usage time.

Please, follow this link if you want to prepay hours.

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250 €

"Usage" is the amount of time between the start and the end of a BayesiaLab session, i.e. the time between launching BayesiaLab and quitting the program. Note that any idle time, e.g. BayesiaLab running in the background, counts as usage. 

Your BayesiaLab usage is charged at 35 €/hour to your account and invoiced at the end of each month. 

When your BayesiaLab usage time exceeds any prepaid hours, the minimum amount charged is 175€ (Service Access Fee (SAF)). These fees are only charged when the usage cost is lower than SAF.

You are not charged if there is no connection to our server during the month!

To be able to run BayesiaLab, your will need a steady Internet connection with the Bayesia License Server (bls.bayesia.com) for the duration of your session. The connection between BayesiaLab and Bayesia License Server is done with sockets via Port 2424. Before subscribing to this offer, we advice checking with your IT department that such connection is not forbidden by your firewall.

A "Borrow Token" function allows temporary offline use, e.g. while traveling.