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EE 50 1-Year

BayesiaLab Education Package 1-Year Rental that includes 1 Academic SUSM license and 50 Floating Education licenses.


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1 890 €

License Rental includes all fees for technical support and software maintenance, so one payment takes care of everything for the rental period.

This SUSM License Rental is tied to one unique user and can only be installed on a single computer. It cannot be transferred, shared or made available via application servers.

One token will permit unlimited installations within your organization, but only allow one student at a time to access the license and run BayesiaLab. More specifically, whenever a student launches the software, BayesiaLab automatically connects to the Bayesia License Server (BLS) to check whether a token is available. If available, BayesiaLab will start immediately. If not, the student has to wait until someone else's token is released. 

Unless terminated, the rental agreement renews automatically for another 1-year period at the end of each term (see end-user license agreement for details).